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Trees are one of the most significant assets for the environment. Be it a commercial or residential area tree not only adds to the aesthetic of the surrounding but contributes majorly to form a healthy atmosphere. While we all understand the importance of trees, sometimes having them in your property does more damage than good. In situations like this, the best thing to do is to remove them completely. However one cannot randomly chop trees on their own. You need to get a permit from the local council, which in itself is a long and tedious process. So if you have a similar situation in hand then avail the tree removal permit services from Len McKeown.

We are a professional tree service provider that offer all sorts of tree-related solutions such as – Stump Removal, Tree Removal, Tree care advice, Tree removal permit and number of other things. We have a team of professional and experienced arborists who can help you with checking the health of the tree. They take a close look of the tree to examine its condition and based on its health our arborists offer you advice on whether the tree can be saved or needs to be removed.

Tree Removal Permits:

Tree Removal Permit is a permit that you need to take from your local council before cutting down or removing a tree. Without getting permission, an individual or group is not allowed to cut any tree and can face fines or jail if found guilty of illegally removing a tree without the appropriate tree removal permit.

At Len McKewon we have years of experience dealing with most local councils when it comes to tree removal permits;

  • Tree Removal Permit City of Yarra
  • Tree Removal Permit City of Stonnington
  • Tree Removal Permit Boroondara City Council
  • Tree Removal Permit Frankston City Council
  • Tree Removal Permit City of Kingston
  • Tree Removal Permit Banyule City Council
Why You May Need a Tree Removal Permit?

Many might ask why is there a need to take permission for the removal of a tree that is growing on personal property. The answer to this is that the impact of a full-grown tree is not just restricted within the boundary of a property. It affects soil stabilization, wildlife habitat, climate and overall ecosystem. Therefore it is highly essential to conserve trees and protect them. Several times people cut down trees for building houses, offices or commercial units. This can adversely affect the environment and therefore to put a stop to it, people are now required to get tree removal permits.

How To Get a Tree Removal Permit

For obtaining a permit for the removal of a tree one needs to get in touch with the officials. You need to present them with the exact detail of the reason for the removal of the tree, the condition of the tree and all information on why the tree needs to be removed. This whole process can be quite long, therefore it is best to be left for the professionals to handle. We offer the officials a detailed report about the tree and get the permit for the tree removal without much hassle.

Weak stump or pest-infested trees can cause quite a damage and removing them is the best solution. Call Len McKewon the tree removal permit experts and get rid of unhealthy trees. Call us at 1300 135 982 and get your quote today!

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